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Squirrels in the Attic-Squirrels In Attic-Squirrel In The Attic

I have squirrels in attic! What to do! Artic Kings system will take care of the squirrel in the attic!

Squirrels in the attic -The common problem with grey squirrels in America and now in Europe are nuisance grey squirrels, getting into the attic. You normally get squirrels in attic if you have a hole somewhere around the roof if you have a loose shingle or gutters where it might have been worn down or a weak spot in the exterior where the roof meets the corners of your house. Grey squirrels, and other rodents like rats, raccoons, and opossums find these small holes or gaps and get into the attic and make it their home.

With the Critter Evictor there is no need in trying to determine what type of squirrel, or rodent it maybe, however if you want to make sure that  that it is definitely a squirrel you can find this out by looking at droppings left behind.

Critter Evictor helps with removal of squirrels in the attic.

Squirrel droppings are usually very small, normally ranging from five to six millimeters in diameter, at this point you can almost insure it is a squirrel, because rat feces are long and tapered. Now that you have identified that you have a squirrel problem.

Squirrels in the attic

Do you have Squirrels in the attic? Attic Kings system will help with the problem.

If you don’t feel like looking for droppings another common method to identify if you have a squirrel in the attic is to have one person go outside and have another person bang the ceiling with a broom. By banging on the ceiling you might be able to determine where the squirrel maybe accessing your attic. Normally if you can bang it against the ceiling, what this often will do is temporarily flush the squirrel in the attic or squirrels out and it’s quite handy if you have got someone outside. Then you can identify the hole that the squirrels are accessing to get in and out of the attic. Do not go around blocking off holes, until the squirrel or nest of squirrels have been removed by putting the Critter Evictor at the base of where the hole is.

If you block off the hole or holes while the squirrel or squirrels in attic are temporarily outside, you can almost always assume that as soon as it gets dark, the squirrel or squirrels in attic will gnaw another hole to get back to their nest.  Only fix the holes or weak spots in the siding after you have safely and humanely removed them with the Critter Evictor.

So, you have a squirrel in your attic.  Do not try to remove squirrels by going into the attic trying to chase or kill them.  Squirrels are extremely clever and fast.  It is virtually impossible, and extremely dangerous to do this.  Why is this so dangerous?  Squirrels are one of the smartest most clever mammals in the rodent family, not to mention there razor sharp claws and teeth!


 Flying Squirrels In The Attic

The so-called Flying Squirrels do not actually fly, but glide by means of a furred, wing like membrane along the sides of the body between the fore and hind limbs.  There are only two species that occur in North America naturally: the Southern Flying Squirrel is found in southeastern Canada, the eastern half of the United States, Mexico, and all the way to Central America. The Northern Flying Squirrel is generally found in Canada, Alaska, and the western most regions and northern parts of the continental area of The United States.

Flying squirrels are normally a nocturnal creature becoming active only after dark. They eat a variety of different foods such as berries, fruits, acorns, and nuts. They also like to feed on other animals such as spiders, grasshoppers, grubs, worms nesting birds, bird eggs, and the flesh of most dead animals. Like other types of squirrels, the flying squirrel often store away food for the winter months.


Squirrel In Attic

Flying squirrels can damage property as other types of squirrel in attic.


Flying squirrels in the attic is just as dangerous as ground squirrels in the attic.

Flying squirrels nest primarily in tree openings, especially abandoned woodpecker holes, but may also construct summer nests out of installation leaves, twigs, and bark. During the winter months, many Flying Squirrels will often den together meaning you may have a serious squirrel problem if left unchecked with squirrels in attic.

Breeding takes place in January and February and again in June and July. Litters usually range from 2 to 6 individuals with 2- 3 being the average litter. The young are blind and hairless with their eyes and ears closed. By four weeks of age, the young have developed hair and their eyes are open.

Winter months are a time when flying squirrels in the south will find attics and bird boxes, causing problems with squirrels in the attic. 

Southern Flying Squirrels are abundant throughout the south have a wide range and are adaptable animals, often living close to human residences. If there is a lack of a natural denning site, flying squirrels will often take up residence in attics especially during the winter months. They are easily attracted to bird nesting boxes and can often be found feeding from bird feeders during the night. They can often be approached quite closely and are easily observed at bird feeders as long as you move slowly and quietly.

Some people keep flying squirrels as pets, it is however an illegal practice without special captive permits.  So keep this in mind if you decide to keep one of these furry creatures as your own.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels in the Attic the Easy Way.

Is this a permanent solution?


How easy is it to install?

Extremely easy: 8 screws… set it and forget it.  Maintenance free.

What prevents the squirrel from returning?

Sharp spikes go one way only. This deters the squirrels in attic, rodent or raccoon from coming back inside.

How long does it take the squirrel to leave?

Usually 1 to 8 days in our experience.

Does it work by itself or must I do anything else?

As long as you seal off any other possible areas where they might come in then it works well.

Can I reuse this squirrel trap in different areas?

Absolutely! This squirrel removal system is easy to uninstall an relocate, in addition it’s made of very high grade material.

If I use it on my roof will it cause a roof leak?

No. But we do recommend you cover the screws with a little tar to be safe.

FAQS Common Questions


Nuisance Squirrels In The Attic

Squirrels are often considered clever adorable, and often cute.  Have you ever seen the video of the squirrel on water skis?

However for many home and business owner’s squirrels have made their life a living nightmare.  It can be very scary to a child or even a grown up when they wake up and hear scratching on their walls, or their lights start to flicker.  Some people may even to start to believe that their house may be haunted, especially in old Colonial houses.   Most of the time there is a simple explanation for these events, You’ve got a squirrel in the attic or other rodents that came in uninvited!

When squirrels invade your home or business they can cause thousands of dollars in damage with squirrels in attic.  They may have gotten in your house or attic by finding or chewing a hole in your home or roof.  In the squirrels mind they have done nothing wrong.  Normally they are just looking for a safe place to have their babies, or for shelter.

How To Get Rid of Squirrels In The Attic

Finally, squirrels in the attic can be removed fast, cheap and easy. If you have squirrels in the attic, pest, rodent or raccoon problem in your home, “Attic Kings” has the solution for squirrels in attic.

The do-it-yourself squirrel trap the Critter Evictor is an easy and humane way to rid your home of unwanted furry tenants. Our design creates a safe, one-way exit tunnel for pests like squirrels, opossums, rats, and raccoons to get out of your home and back into their own natural habitat.

Finally, squirrels in the attic can be removed fast, cheap and easy. If you have a squirrel in the attic, pest, rodent or raccoon problem in your home, “Attic Kings” has the solution. The do-it-yourself squirrel trap is an easy and humane way to rid your home of unwanted furry tenants as squirrels in attic.


Removal Tunnel In Action
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