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Squirrel Trapping Squirrels In My Attic Use Squirrel Traps

Squirrel Trapping a better way -Why Poisoning Squirrels is a Bad Idea

Squirrel Trapping with Attic Kings critter evictor a squirrel traps is easy and not messy. Squirrels don’t eat rat poison even though they are part of the Rodentia, phylum.

If you use other squirrel poison it can turn into a much larger problem.  If squirrels should eat the poison, and die in a particular unknown spot it may cause a horrible stench which will attract much larger predators Ex.  Rats, raccoon’s, bears, and scavengers animals. Squirrel trapping is a safe and no mess with trapping squirrels with squirrel traps

Squirrel Trapping

Poisoning Squirrels can lead to problems of smell in a home. Squirrel trapping is a better solution.

The Critter Evictor a squirrel trapping tool  is safe and can be the humane to rid of squirrels in my attic.   It evicts squirrels in the most humane way they can get out, however they cannot get back in.   The Critter Evictor does not kill squirrels or rodents like conventional squirrel traps.  Most animal trappers charge a significant fee, set squirrel traps come back in a day then sell the fur or dispose of the body.  Most trappers are not allowed to let go the animal go or they will sell the animals pelt for a profit.

The Critter Evictor the squirrel trapping system is a permanent solution, and will save you thousands of dollars in repair and extermination services.  Most animal control companies are not out to provide a long term solution like the founder of Attic Kings.  Many squirrel removal companies, and raccoon removal companies depend on their clients being repeat customers.  The critter evictor is a squirrel trapping system with the use of squirrel traps.

Do not use any type of repellent spray, or powder, noise generating machines, flashing light, etc. These methods have been tested and proven ineffective for squirrel trapping.  Critter evictor is a simple squirrel trapping tool for squirrels in my attic .

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In My Attic The Easy Way.-Squirrel Trapping

Is this a permanent solution?


How easy is it to install?

Extremely easy: 8 screws… set it and forget it.  Maintenance free.

What prevents the squirrel from returning?

Squirrel traps have sharp spikes go one way only. This deters squirrels, rodent or raccoon from coming back inside.

How long does it take the squirrel to leave?

Usually 1 to 8 days in our experience.

Does it work by itself or must I do anything else?

As long as you seal off any other possible areas where they might come in squirrel trapping works well.

Can I reuse this squirrel trap in different areas?

Absolutely! This squirrel trapping removal system is easy to uninstall an relocate, in addition squirrel traps are made of very high grade material.

If I use it on my roof will it cause a roof leak?

No. But we do recommend you cover the screws with a little tar to be safe on  squirrel traps.

FAQS Common Questions


Native American Legends Eclipse of the Sun blamed on Black Squirrel

A Choctaw Legend—Curtsey of the First  People

In  Choctaw native history, solar eclipses were linked  and attributed to black squirrels, or a black squirrel, supposed to be eating the luminary, and they must be driven off  should  mankind were still to be enjoying  the heat and light of day.

The Choctaw . . .had  attributed an eclipse of the sun to the eccentric, mischievous black squirrel, whose often caused  mischief, and, among other things, that of trying to eat up the sun at different intervals. When  inclined, they believed, which was then confirmed by long experience, that the only effective means to prevent such a fearful  catastrophe befalling the world as the blotting out of that indispensable luminary, was to favor the little, black epicure with a first-class scare; therefore, whenever he manifested an inclination to indulge in a meal on the sun, every ingenuity was called into requisition to give him a genuine fright so that he would be induced, at least, to postpone his meal at that particular time and seek a lunch elsewhere.

As soon, therefore, as the sun began to draw its lunar veil over its face, the cry was heard from every mount from the Dan to the Beersheba of their then wide extended territory, echoing from hill to dale, “Funi lusa hushi umpa! Funi lusa hushi umpa,” according to our phraseology, the black squirrel is eating the sun!

Then and there was heard a sound of tumult by day in the Choctaw Nation for the space of an hour or two. Far exceeding that said to have been heard by night in Belgium’s Capital, and sufficient in the conglomeration of discordant tones terrific, if heard by the distant, little, fastidious squirrel, to have made him lose forever afterward all relish for a mess of suns for an early or late dinner.

Squirrel Trap

Using a Squirrel Trap will save time and the cost of removing a dead squirrel.

The shouts of the women and children mingling with the ringing of discordant bells as the vociferous pounding and beating of earsplitting tin pans and cups mingling in “wild confusion worse confounded,” yet in sweet unison with a first-class orchestra of yelping, howling, barking dogs gratuitously thrown in by the innumerable and highly excited curs, produced a din, which even a “Funi lusa,” had he heard it, could scarcely have endured even to have indulged in a nibble or two , though urged by the demands of a week’s fasting.

Then the women shrieked and redoubled their efforts upon the tin pans, which, under the desperate blows, strained every vocal organ to do its utmost and whole duty in loud response, while the excited children screamed and beat their tin cups, and the sympathetic dogs (whose name was legion) barked and howled – all seemingly determined not to fall the one behind the other in their duty since the occasion demanded it; while the warriors still stood in profound and meditative silence, but firm and undaunted, as they quickly loaded and fired their rifles, each time taking deliberate aim, if perchance the last shot might prove the successful one; then, as the moon’s shadow began to move the joyful shout was heard above the mighty din “Funi-lusa-osh mahlatah! ” The black squirrel is frightened.

But the din remained unabated until the sun again appeared in its usual splendor, and all nature again assumed its harmonious course.”


Squirrel Medicine

Native Americans considered all animals and beings as brothers and sisters that had much to teach people including squirrels. Squirrels teach us to work in harmony with the cycles of nature by preparing for the winter months during times when food is abundant.

Squirrel Traps

Squirrel Traps

Native Americans use squirrel for Medicine. They also seen  squirrels as friends to the land and for cycle of life. Squirrels gather for the winter as we also gather.

In today’s modern world, squirrels teach us to set aside a portion of our most precious supplies and resources as an investment towards the future. Though food and money fall into this particular category, they make up only a fraction of the ways our energy is manifested and created.

We can conserve our most valuable assets by being aware of choices we make with the resources available to us, and choosing to dedicate our time to those elements that nurture and sustain us. This extends directly to the natural resources of our Mother Earth, and only using what we need, and preparing for the future.

Indians do squirrel trapping to provide medicine for the people.

By saving and conserving we are not acting out of the fear of loss, but instead positively staying prepared, and ensuring future abundance yet to come. Squirrels follow life’s cycles,  which can allow them to face winters with the faith that spring will bring abundance. Knowing that change is constant, we can discover a place that is safe, both spiritually and physically, that will help us in the Omni present and sustain us in the future. This means not hoarding our space with things, or thoughts that hurt us.

We learn from squirrel medicine not to collect more than we need, and keep ourselves in tune with the ebbs and flows of life. When we as a people donate our un needed items, time and services we are able to manifest a greater life for ourselves and society. By giving what we are able to afford without hurting ourselves in the process the universe responds by allowing more abundance to enter our lives. We can follow the examples taught by observing the squirrel, because even squirrels know a life of abundance involves more than just survival.



Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel Trapping is the most easiest and cleanest way to rid of squirrels

Squirrels have quick, clever nervous energy to enjoy life’s adventure. They have excellent communication skills, and help one another to watch out for elements of danger, to ensure their survival as a community.   They do not allow worry to drain their energy. Instead, they let their extremely curious nature to lead the way, always attentive to opportunities by living and learning as they frolic.

By following the examples that are set by our squirrel friends, we are constantly reminded to enjoy and follow the journey of nature’s life cycles. Squirrels teaches us that if we prepare and save while being filled with joy and playfulness we should manifest a wonderful future!

Do you have squirrel problems? Are squirrels in my Attic? Attic Kings has a squirrel trapping tool that is clean and effective.


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