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Squirrel Problems!-Getting Rid of Squirrels-Squirrel In The Attic

Squirrel Problems Attic Kings has a simple solution!!!

Most people are unaware that there are approximately 285 known species of throughout the world. Squirrels belong to the Sciuridae family, and grouped into 58 genera divided into five subfamilies. Various Sciuridae family :

  • Xerusinauris,
  • Callosciurus prevostii,
  • Spermophilus columbianus,
  • Sciurus niger Tamiasciurus

Science Classification; Squirrels are a part of the Animal Kingdom( Animilia Kingdom), in the Phlum of Chordata. Classified as mamal (Mammalia), belonging to the rodent (Rodentia) species.

squirrel problems

Different types of squirrels-Squirrel Problems

Different Types Of Squirrels-Squirrel Problems

Most people are unaware that the common squirrel falls into the rodent (Rodentia) category. Rodents (Rodentia) belonging to this particular order are classified as small to medium size rodents. Such examples of this Latin family include the common tree squirrel, flying squirrel, gray squirrel, red squirrel, the chipmunk, ground squirrels, marmots, woodchucks, and prairie dogs.

Squirrels are currently on every continent excluding Australia, and Antarctica.

Many tree squirrels have chiseled incisors and extremely powerful jaws, which they use to gnaw open the hard nuts, fruits, and holes in the your house, and electrical wires. As this is squirrel problems most the time you will find a squirrel in the attic of the home which will need to getting rid of squirrels. They also thrive on seeds, insects, certain fungus and weak spots in people’s homes often resulting in squirrels living in your attic. Some red squirrels and other Sciurus species that reside in temperate climates will sometimes stalk, kill, and eat other squirrels, rodents, and small birds and rabbits, but such these types of tropical tree squirrels are rarely known of. Causing squirrel  problems with getting rid of squirrels.

squirrel problems

How To Getting Rid Of Squirrels The Easy Way.

Is this a permanent solution?


How easy is it to install?

Extremely easy: 8 screws… set it and forget it.  Maintenance free.

What prevents the squirrel from returning?

Sharp spikes go one way only. This deters the squirrel, rodent or raccoon from coming back inside.

How long does it take the squirrel to leave?

Usually 1 to 8 days in our experience.

Does it work by itself or must I do anything else?

As long as you seal off any other possible areas where they might come in then it works well.

Can I reuse this squirrel trap in different areas?

Absolutely! This squirrel removal system is easy to uninstall an relocate, in addition it’s made of very high grade material.

If I use it on my roof will it cause a roof leak?

No. But we do recommend you cover the screws with a little tar to be safe.

FAQS Common Questions

Squirrels can produce up to 4 to 7 offspring twice a year!!

Squirrel nests are normally constructed among branches in the forest, however in heavy populated areas nuisance squirrels are now taking up residence in people’s attics, and inside walls causing squirrel problems. The insulation in homes makes a great place for a squirrel to make a nest. Unlike the common red squirrel or grey squirrel, there are certain tropical tree squirrels that will produce multiple litters per year; the normal breeding season in the Northern Hemisphere can range from December to September. It is not uncommon for many tree squirrels to produce up to two litters that average four to seven offspring, depending upon the species.

Squirrels Are Every Where!

In the Americas, tree squirrels range from the forests of Canada and Alaska south throughout the United States and as far south to the dense tropical rainforests of South America to Africa. Their distribution throughout the world is the remainder of the Old World extending from the boreal forests of Europe and throughout Asia all the way to the Indonesian tropical rainforests. In the Eastern parts of Asia, tree squirrels live in the forests of Taiwan, Sulawesi, , the Philippines but they do normally they are not found naturally anywhere east of the Philippines . Most squirrel species out of 20 of the 22 genera reside in tropical rainforests.

Europe’s Grey Squirrel Problems

The Prince of Wales gave a public speech in 2009 about the declination of the Countries “Most utterly charming and irresistible of British native mammals” – the red squirrel – because of the spread of grey squirrels introduction from North America. Recently The Prince of Wales had an experience personally because of the problems grey squirrels caused to native wildlife after trees and plants were damaged at one of his homes in Highgrove, Gloucestershire.

Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels are destructive to trees. plants and just about anything they can chew.

The Prince had recently became a patron of a new charity, The Red Squirrel Survival Trust (RSST), the Prince has talked and voiced concern regarding the damage grey squirrels have caused. The reason why the non native grey squirrels have been a major problem in Europe is because they strip bark from the native broadleaved trees like beech, oak and sweet chestnut that make up much of the forests of England’s hillsides. The Grey squirrel sometimes can even kill their trees and consume in large quantities bulbs and seeds.

In order to support the Prince’s charity, the Prince wrote: “The grey squirrels, which exist in far greater number than the reds, are causing incalculable damage to our native trees particularly the beech.” Red squirrels used to be extremely common throughout the UK, but since the red squirrel was introduced towards the end of the 19th century the species has migrated into only a few corners of the northern end of England, mainly the Isle of Wight and Scotland. The Prince use to recall seeing red squirrels in Sandringham, Norfolk, as a child but now only has seen the red squirrels in the Royal estates of Scotland. The charity blames the Grey squirrel problems for the declination of the population of the beloved red squirrel.

Are you having Squirrel Problems..Artic Kings can help with the Squirrel in the attic, trees or destroyed property. Contact today to find out more from Artic Kings.


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