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Squirrel Control-History of Squirrels

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Squirrel control-The oldest fossil of a squirrel carbon dates dates to approximately 40 million years ago, and amazingly is almost identical to today’s modern flying squirrel.

The first-ever genetic delineation of nearly all existing squirrel groups suggests not only some surprising branching in the squirrels’ family tree. Duke performed a study that reveals very strong evidence to support that because of geological and climatic change that was a major influenced on how the squirrel’s ancestors has evolved and spread over from 36 million years just from only one particular area of ancient North America to nearly the entire world today! Which as cause a concern for squirrel control.

Squirrel Removal

Oldest squirrel dates back 40 million years. Today squirrel removal can be a problem.

Because of tectonic shifting and the modification of global habitats and land bridges and the barriers between the land masses, significant climate change. The land mass movement is theologized to have an important pivotal role in the diversification of terrestrial species.

The consequences of histories events are believed to provide the most evidence in the history of groups of squirrels that are of an ancient lineage, resulting in a widespread, adaptive diverse squirrel population.  Squirrel family is one of the very few mammalian families endemic to Eurasia, Africa, North America and South America, is an excellent start for examining these issues.

Over 50 Different Squirrels Today Have Been Identified!

Squirrel Trap Is Important Tool For Squirrel Removal!

The National Science Foundation and Duke University analyzed the DNA differences among the 50 to the 51 present day squirrel genera to deduce their interrelationships, leaving out only one squirrel the scarce Indian flying squirrel which is far too rare to study.

They determined squirrel family ties by statistically analyzing representative sequences of molecular DNA taken from live animals or preserved museum specimens. To deduce how long ago and where various lineages lived, they also used carbon dating techniques and a molecular clock deduction, which predict how different DNA sequences evolve over time.

Contrasting their findings with geological evidence, they noted a curious correspondence between global change of  squirrels and the way this particular group of animals diversified. . By looking at the modern day taxa and where squirrels currently thrive, you wouldn’t deduce that the earliest squirrel was from North America.

Squirrel Control-How To Get Rid Of Squirrels The Easy Way.

Is this a permanent solution?


How easy is it to install?

Extremely easy: 8 screws… set it and forget it.  Maintenance free.

What prevents the squirrel from returning?

Squirrel Trap has sharp spikes go one way only. This deters squirrels, rodent or raccoon from coming back inside.

How long does it take the squirrel to leave?

Usually 1 to 8 days in our experience.

Does it work by itself or must I do anything else?

As long as you seal off any other possible areas where they might come in then it works well.

Can I reuse this squirrel trap in different areas?

Absolutely! This squirrel removal system is easy to uninstall an relocate, in addition it’s made of very high grade material.

If I use it on my roof will it cause a roof leak?

No. But we do recommend you cover the screws with a little tar to be safe on the squirrel trap.

FAQS Common Questions

The earliest fossil evidence of squirrel’s existence was found in western North America and dated to about 36 mil the past, the authors wrote. Based on the Duke scientists’ evidence, during the 5 mil years that followed there has appeared to have been very rapid divergences squirrel population into five major branches.

This also correlated to the timing with the biggest climatic global deterioration over the past 55 mil years. There’s an abrupt cooling and climatic change, and also many extinctions in other animal groups. Huge things were happening in the environment during this period of time.

The first Squirrels date back 30 million years. Squirrel Control

The first evidence for squirrels in Europe dates to about 30 milin the past , though the researchers are not sure how they got there, she said. However fossil evidence provides a valuable clue. For much of this time period in which squirrels have existed, there was easy passage between Eurasia and North America, the continental land bridge.

According to various fossil records, the first squirrels arrived in Africa shortly after that former island continent collided with Eurasia about 18-20 milyears ago. And their DNA evidence shows the first branching off in the lineages of modern African ground and tree squirrels date to shortly after that. Earlier squirrels seem to have arrived on the content of Africa and began to diversify shortly after land animals first had access.

Geological changes created squirrel control around the world.

At about 11 milin the past, research now points to what was called “an extremely explosive diversity in the genera of squirrels” that now inhabit the islands and continental land masses of Southeast Asia. That divergence coincided with extremely low local sea levels, perhaps caused by geological changes in the ocean floor or perhaps by the last formation of the Antarctic ice sheet.

When the sea level had dropped it is believed to have exposed the now-submerged land between islands along the Sunda Shelf. Biologists hypothesized that squirrels could have migrated across the shelf, with individual populations then diversifying through evolution when the islands were again in isolation

Squirrel In The Attic

Squirrel In The Attic can be a problem. Squirrel removal is easy with Attic King

Prior to about 7 mil years ago forested lands connected to what we know call Alaska and Siberia. Available evidence suggests that both tree and  squirrels that fly  lineages crossed the once existing land bridge that connected the two continents, when the habitat was forested and leafy. Evidence supporting the Asia-North America migration of certain ground squirrel lineages, however, appears to come after a subsequent period when rising sea levels cut off that passage, the Duke scientists said. When seas next subsided, the reemerging land bridge would have been treeless and the climate colder. Ground squirrels can even live in treeless habitats like arctic meadows surprisingly.

Just prior to 3 mil years ago, South America was an isolated island continent with no recorded fossil records of squirrels, . Then complex geological shifts created a land bridge at what is now the Isthmus of Panama. A Duke biologists’ evidence suggests that all but one squirrel group now in South America descended from a common ancestor that crossed when the isthmus formed.

South America was isolated and now with the crossing now Squirrel control is required.

The exception among South American tree squirrels is a pygmy variety that the researchers’ evidence suggests diverged from other squirrels as long as 35 million years ago, when South America was still presumably isolated. One of the most intriguing questions is where were the squirrel’s ancestors during that very long time since its divergence from other squirrels?

Ground squirrels, flying Squirrels and other types can damage property and homes. Squirrel control with squirrel trap is important to save money and homes.

Other surprises include some new questions about the evolutionary branch of squirrels that can fly. Results raise arguments against the long-standing practice of categorizing all tree and ground squirrels into a distinct group from flying squirrels..

Flying squirrel and ground squirrels both can get in attics with destroying property. Squirrel control with the help of squirrel trap will help with the problems.

When most people think of squirrels they think of the common grey squirrel that invade attics and homes causing squirrel control problems. But squirrels are extremely diverse in both body types and habits. Most rare squirrels are not common, even in regions where you find them. Many of these very rare squirrels live in regions where they are unfamiliar with humans.

There is a giant strange wooly flying squirrel that lives in caves and caverns in the deep mountains of Kashmir. Before 1994, the wooly squirrel was believed to be extinct millions of years ago. Duke was able to analyze its tissues. There are ant eating squirrels in Southeast Asia, and there is a hamster-sized pygmy type of squirrel found in Gabon. The scientists at Duke ended up using museum specimens to analyze the DNA.

Squirrel Control

The woolly flying squirrel is two feet tall, with a bushy two-foot tail. It is one of the tallest squirrels that can glide through the air.


In order to obtain the squirrels DNA samples, the researchers had to rely on colleagues who do field work in various places throughout the world.

Squirrel control is needed though out the world. Many places are infected with squirrels and need squirrel control.
Other key data came from the natural history museums that let the researchers extract D NA from preserved remains of specimens. The squirrels are extremely rare. They are almost impossible to find in their natural settings. They are also extremely rare to find in museums.

Because the museum specimens are so sensitive the DNA might be contaminated, biologists had to collect a multitude of samples wherever they could find collections in various museums. Biologist, geneticists were able to rule out contamination from any other sources than squirrels by comparing their data with that DNA data available from well established genetic data bases.

Squirrel Control is a problem not only in North America also in other Counties also. To find out more about squirrel control contact Attic Kings for the latest in squirrel removal with squirrel trap.


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